Penske 8000 Series

The Penske 8000 series includes the 8300, 8760, and 8900 shocks.

8300 series

From Formula Vee to Sports Sedan, the 8300 Series double adjustable dampers are now an industry standard.

The light weight and hand built quality of these dampers puts them at the top of their class.  The 8300 Series dampers are available in lengths from 9.50″ through 24.00″ in 1/2″ increments  making them available for most forms of motor racing.

The double adjustable category comes from the fact that the compression and rebound damping is adjusted externally instead of removing the damper from the car. The compression adjuster is located on the remote reservoir.  The rebound adjuster is located in the eyelet at the base of the shaft.

The main valving, located inside the damper, may also be  altered in a matter of minutes simply by removing the damper from the car and re valving. As an added feature the adjustment of compression and rebound are independent of each other, allow for broader scope in the shim build spec.

The method in which the PENSKE 8300 adjusts compression forces is simple. When the damper is put into a compression condition the fluid being displaced by the shaft entering the body must pass through the compression adjuster situated within the remote reservoir. As the knob is rotated  an inner shim stack is preloaded directly impacting the flow of oil through the adjuster body either increasing or reducing the flow of oil via the adjustment knob which uses arrows to define soft to hard with 20 clicks of adjustment.

A truly economical yet feature packed racing shock, capable of upgrade and retro fitment of most Penske Race Shock optional parts. Build a quote using our web system or CONTACT US below. 

Penske 8300 Piggyback
8300 Piggyback
penkse 8300 Remote
8300 Remote
Penske 8300 Remote
8300 Remote
Penske 8300 for Ford GT
8300 for Ford GT
Penske 8300 for Corvette Front
8300 for Corvette Front
Penske 8300 for Corvette Rear
8300 for Corvette Rear

8760 series

Race teams demand the best, they want the newest damper technology to be integrated into their overall chassis design and it is for this reason that Penske Racing Shocks  unveiled the 8760 Series.

The 8760 offers a more extensive range of “tunability” and hardware options in order to fulfil each race teams specifications as well as the personal preferences  of race engineers and drivers. With a variety of upgrades in its’ overall damping range, tunability, and serviceability, it features an advanced modular design which will allow greater leeway in chassis packaging.

This is accomplished with a new body that allows the radial positioning of either a piggyback or remote reservoir at any included 360 degree location. The 8760 is offered as a 3-way and 4-way adjustable damper and is available in both a standard body size of 55mm  and also 45 mm OD.

The 8760 Series compression adjuster is an excellent tuning tool for any race team.

The 8760 Series adjuster offers separate adjusters for both high and low speed shaft movements. The high speed adjuster controls larger track inconsistencies that may disrupt the balance of the chassis while the low speed adjuster controls slow shaft movements such as body roll, corner entry and exit.

The variations available with the 8760 Shock for overall length is broad, adding to the 9.5″ to 24.0″ normal range which is achieved by either including extended body caps and/or extended eyelets, effectively increasing the range of available shock lengths up to 30″+ overall available length. Build a quote using our web system or CONTACT US below.  

Penske 8760 Adjustable
8760 Adjustable
Penske 8760 Piggyback
8760 Piggyback
Penske 8760 Remote
8760 Remote
Penske 8760 Viper
8760 Viper
Drag Shocks - Penske 8760
8760 for Drag
Penske 8760 for Drag Air
8760 for Drag Air

8900 Motorcycle series

The 8900 Series shock is completely owner rebuildable and revalvable if desired resulting in fewer costly and timely service calls to the shop.

Integral reservoir contains increased nitrogen volume for more consistent damping over a long race. A floating piston separates the nitrogen from the oil, rather than a bladder type device that can fail.

Fully CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminium construction with a hard anodized finish makes this unit both lightweight and strong. Integrated with heavy duty 5/8″ diameter chrome plated stainless steel shaft and employing a low friction shaft bearing with the highest quality seals and wiper to keep out foreign material.

We use only the best race springs available, individually matched to the rider’s weight together with  adjustable spring pre-load. We also have available adjustable length eyelet to maximise rear ride height without removing the shock from the motorcycle.

Available as in-line, remote canister or piggyback specification, we have the answer to your bike needs. Use the CONTACT FORM below for pricing or further queries about this shock.

Penske 8000 series
penske 8900e
Penske 8987 Piggyback
8987 Piggyback
Penske 8987 Remote
8987 Remote
Penske 8983 Piggyback
8983 Piggyback
Penske 8983 Remote
8983 Remote
Penske 8975 in line
8975 in line
Penske 8975 in line
8975 in line

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