Penske Shocks Services

NTTRacing® offers complete penske shocks services including a complete oil change, replacement of all o-rings and seals together with a thorough inspection of all the adjusters followed with a dyno check.

penske shocks services


Complete shock rebuilding service includes an initial estimation of damaged parts to be replaced. The customer will be advised of the price before any service is done. A complete oil change is performed, replacement of all o-rings and seals, replacement of any damaged parts together with a thorough inspection of all adjusters and a dyno check to confirm the work. 


Revalving service includes replacement of existing shim stacks with new ones, o-rings and seals effected by the service, oil  replaced. We can also offer recommendations for certain tracks and any handling characteristics that are needed. 


We also offer on a hourly basis any development requirements that an owner may require using our resources and wealth of technical information and experience to allow the best set ups from your shocks. 

Our shock and dyno services are predominantly packaged to allow known costs before work begins and includes all replacement parts, oil, dyno work etc regardless of which model of shock you own.

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