Penske Dual Bleed

The Penske dual bleed assembly is a very powerful adjustment system which fits completely within the main shaft, making it a very light and compact addition to the damper system.

The dual bleed adjuster allows you to independently adjust the amount of bleed past the main piston in both compression and rebound.

The design incorporates two poppet valves sprung against each other to control the oil flow path through the assembly. This makes the assembly very responsive at high frequencies and insures complete separation between the two adjusters.

The flow rate through the assembly at full soft is the equivalent to a  0.070″ bleed hole in the piston ( in both directions) which provides for a very favourable adjustment range at very low shaft velocities.

The dual bleed adjuster has been proven to be a very powerful adjuster to affect the critical aspects of the chassis handling and driver comfort.

Because this adjustment device is packed within the shaft its response is extremely good even at high frequencies, although its adjustment range can be somewhat narrow at times due to the shim stiffness used.

In combination with a 8760 high and low speed compression adjuster the system becomes a  very powerful tool in tuning the bump characteristics for the many various cornering speeds encountered at a race track.

Employed within the 7500 range of shocks it delivers another dimension of adjustability to an already dynamic damper system. Used often in conjunction with a VDP piston it becomes the weapon of choice for many race engineers. 

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