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Penske Pistons

Penske offers a range of pistons that allows for any form of force dampening required to be achieved using the range available. We offer the following piston styles: linear, linear high flow, digressive / linear or double digressive together with double VDP or VDP / Linear, Enhanced Linear or Regressive,  all utilising the various preload faces and diameters we produce.

Whether it be a linear force, digressive, progressive, regressive or a combination of any of those listed, our range on offer can handle anything thrown at it with ease.


0° /0 ° through 3°/6° faces available in both 45 & 55 mm diameters.

Each piston has a dished surface, to preload the valve shims against the piston face, with our standard dishing of 0° on both the compression and rebound faces of the piston.


our digressive face allows up to 0.050″ pre load 

digressive / linear also has 0.050″ pre load available while the linear face is available in both 1° and 2° face

available in both 45 & 55 mm diameters


Integrated with a range of pistons including Linear High Flow, VDP and Digressive option the patented regressive system offers grip ratios not usually seen, adding an extra dimension to your damper tuning. Supplied in kit form, retro fitment is available across a wide part of our range of racing shocks.


double VDP with 0.064″ of available pre load on both faces.

VDP / Linear 0.064″ pre load and either 1 or 2 deg face on Linear. 

Available in both 45 & 55 mm diameters.

The Velocity Dependant Piston (VDP) has the unique ability to be valved to duplicate the curves of both the linear and digressive pistons while also controlling  any progressive rate induced or desired.

Varying the inner, outer and preload stacks in conjunction with the various bleed combinations available you can duplicate virtually any type of force value. Forces generated can be varied by altering shim and preload combinations totally independent of any external adjustments.

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